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Attention Pain Sufferers!

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Who are Discovery Calls for?

Our FREE discovery calls are for people that wanting to get back to normal. They are for people who have pain doing any of the following :

Reach​ing up​ high

Lift​ing something​ heavy

Reach​ing behind​ your​ back

Sleep​ing at​ night

Reach​ing into​ the​ back​ seat

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Do​ing work​ around​ the​ house​ or​ yard

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Get​ting dressed

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What Do Others Have To Say About Us?

"I have been suffering with major back pain and sciatica going down my right leg for a while and have been treated by my doctor with medication and injections, however nothing seemed to work. I even tried therapy at my doctors office with no help. I was having trouble walking and even taking a few steps caused me pain. So much pain that even my knee began to hurt as well. After just four sessions of Laser therapy at Bolanos Associates Comprehensive Therapy I immediately felt better. I was able to walk out of the office now without limping and with no pain. I will continue and finish my sessions because I can tell that this is what I need to finally get rid of the pain for good. Thank you for the amazing and caring team at Bolanos Associates."

Gloria M.

"My Name is Alicia and when I arrived to Bolanos Associates I was not even able to sit down, I couldn't even put on my shoes myself due to severe back pain. My severe pain had limited me in all the basic activities that we all take for granted everyday. I am very grateful because physical therapy has helped me recover and I am now able to sit, drive my car, and able to complete all the daily tasks to take care of myself. Prior to coming to Bolanos Associates I did not believe that I would ever be able to take care of myself and my home again. Thanks to my therapy I feel so much better and I am back to doing all my daily activities that I thought were going to be impossible. I am extremely grateful to the Therapy Team!"

Alicia S.

“When I first came to Bolanos Associates I was in constant pain. I could not sleep due to my pain and could do little to no activity with my left arm. Everything from getting dressed to everyday normal activities were out of the question. If I tried to do these activities my pain would stop me in my tracks. I've been coming to Bolanos Associates for about 3 months now. When I first started the pain was at a constant 7-10 and now it is between a 3-5. I can do most everyday activities now on my own without any help. Before that was not an option for me. The Physical Therapist here at Bolanos Associates has made a world of a difference.”

Margareth Pierre

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